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I’m still on my Vegas weekend.. so you all know I’m probably cheating by writing this blog entry ahead of time and scheduling it to publish today..

So.. the title says we’re still at 4 weeks when we were supposed to be at 4 weeks last week..

I was wrong!

We’re at 4 weeks today.. so that means that the entire countdown has been wrong.. duh!  I feel stupid!

Anyway.. it’s fixed now.. and we are at 4 weeks..

That doesn’t seem to make me feel better.. the time is still flying by.. the wedding is fast approaching.. I mean.. we’re in OCTOBER already!  How insane is that?!

Once I get home from Vegas.. it’ll be push.. push.. push to get all the last minute little things done!

We can do this!

When you are reading this.. I’m either in the car.. or already there.. VIVA LAS VEGAS!!

It’s my bachelorette party weekend.. and I’m doing it a little differently than most..

My mom and aunts and some other family friends are going.. then my good girlfriends are also going..

Bringing older ladies to my bachelorette?

No it’s not wierd!!

I’ve never really been one for the crazy bachelorette parties where the girls go out and get all super crazy.. in my more mature years.. I’ve settled down quite a bit and would much rather enjoy a nice weekend out with some of the people I love the most in life..

That being said..

We have the day time to hang out and do some fun stuff that is pretty ageless.. I honestly don’t know what my matron of honor has planned.. but I trust it’s fun..

At night.. my girlfriends and I will have some good fun.. party it up in a lounge.. or hang out somewhere fun.. just the girls.. while my mom and her friends hit it up casino-style.. hahaha..

It’s gonna be a fun weekend.. can’t wait!

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