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Posted on: September 27, 2010

Sierra's Birthday Cake

Image by kk+ via Flickr

There are two blog entries that I must do every year.. one on my birthday.. and one around the new year.. It’s September 27th.. so that means it’s time for a birthday blog..

Yes.. today is my birthday.. the big 3-0.

Where did all the time go.. I suddenly find myself 30 years old.. it’s just odd how I feel time has just flown.. seems like only yesterday I was celebrating my 25th birthday.. now.. I’m 30.. it’s.. wierd.

This year is even more different than previous birthdays.

If God permits, this is my last “single lady” birthday.  Next month is the wedding..

It’s amazing how much things can change in a year.. I mean.. last year..

Last year.. Joe and I decided to start looking at engagement rings on my birthday.. we knew the wedding was inevitable.. and we knew it was sometime in the 2010.. but to know that it’s coming so soon.. it still feels very surreal.

2010 is definitely a year of change for me.. God willing.. it’s going to be an awesome rest of the year..

Hello 30’s, I’m Rachel.. I’m here to party!

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