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These weeks are counting down at lightning speed.. it’s insane!

Anyway.. this past week was productive.. but at the same time.. it didn’t feel productive.  I got stuff for the wedding shower done.. and we’re ready to party it up this weekend.. it’s gonna good fun with good friends and good bbq.

I’m hoping for some decent weather.. something not too hot.  I don’t want to be burning in the hot sun.. I have to make sure I wear something without sleeves so that I avoid tanlines…

Next week, there are several things I need to take care of.. I need to start working with my hairstylist about the number of people getting their hair done, I need to talk to the people in charge of the church choir, I need to talk to the sound guy at the church, I also need to call about getting some sort of decorative backdrop for our sweetheart table..

I also need to look into the details of my guest book idea..

I need to pick pictures for our wedding photo montage..

I need to start making place cards..

I need to start looking at various “thank you” card prototypes..

I need to work on the little things for my bridesmaids and others involved in the wedding..

All that in 6 weeks..

No one ever said wedding planning was easy.. but I’m sure it will be totally worth it..

So far.. I’m still keeping my cool.. I think.. I can’t promise that I’ll remain this cool.. hahha!

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