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Countdown to Q: 7 weeks!!!

Posted on: September 4, 2010

New coworker: So, when’s your wedding?
Me: Next month

Oh my gosh!  We’re totally at the point where we can say “next month.”

Didn’t we just start planning?

Anyway, time is FLYING and we did get a lot done.  This week we are focusing on preparing for our co-ed wedding shower to be held on Saturday.  I got the little centerpiece things done for the benches and all the shower thank-you cards have been done..

We’re in the process of scanning our baby pictures for the photo montage.  I’m a little peeved at the fact that I have to be the one to scan our pictures for the photographer.  I’m just lucky my tech-savvy baby brother has a pretty good photo scanner.  Isn’t this task supposed to be taken care of by the photographer?  I mean.. doesn’t she know that we have a lot to take care of already?  It’s annoying that we have to take the time to not only FIND pictures for the montage.. but scan them.. them mail the CDs off to her with the pictures..

I mean.. maybe it’s a good thing that we are doing it ourselves because we can ensure that we won’t be losing any of our baby pictures in the process of sending them to the photographer to get processed..

But what if a photograph doesn’t scan well.. I don’t have the skills to “photoshop” a photo to make it suitable?

I’m just starting to second guess my choice of photographer..

Did anyone have to do the scanning themselves for their photographer?!

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