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Posted on: March 27, 2010

So.. I got my Cricut Expressions a few weeks ago.. and I have to say.. I LOVE THAT THING!!!

March is the month of birthdays.. so I’ve made a few cards for those that are celebrating birthdays..

This entry is photo-heavy.. so enjoy!

I first wanna show off my workspace..

This is where I do my work.. It’s our dining room table.. so I obviously have to pack and unpack for every project.. this is the first time that I actually don’t mind cleaning up after myself.. haha.. and those who know me know that I hate cleaning!

Anyway.. on to the projects!

This was my first project.. I went to the local scrapbook store and bought the paper and stuff.. I love how I did the JOE lettering.. but the rest of it just looks so elementary and out of place.. I feel so bad because this was for my fiance’s birthday.. it was my first project and I wanted it to be special.. but I had limited supplies.. and wasn’t fully familiar with all that i could do.. poor baby.. I feel so bad his card is sooo ugly compared to everything I’ve done since.. which hasn’t been much.. but I’m seeing an improvement..

After going on a few crafting blogs.. I got the inspiration to do some layering.. I used some of the materials I had left over from my save-the-dates.. and I made this cute card for Joe’s mom.. I think I need a fancy ATG glue gun because a few days later.. the white part popped off the card.. i was still able to make it stick.. but that really should not have happened.. I hope that making sure my future projects are set under heavy weights after I make them will remedy this problem..

This is the last card I made.. I made it today.  My brother’s birthday is coming up and I wanted to make something special and personalized.  After putting the card together I realized that I didn’t have room to stamp “happy birthday” with the current stamp I owned.. so I had to write it out myself.. I also have a lot more paper.. colors, weights, and textures.. so my cards can have a variety of looks now.. it’s come a long way from the very first card I made for Joe.. again.. poor hun!

These are what I have done so far.. and I plan of posting my projects as time continues to go on.. I hope you all enjoy these.. I would love anyone to leave any comments or suggestions for future projects.. I’d love more inspiration!

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