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Several things have happened between the time I last wrote an entry and now..

For starters, I’m done with my MBA.  I finished the program on February 1st.  With Joe’s help, I managed to get an A for my last class.  It was a hard finance class.  I’m terrible with numbers and Joe’s really good with numbers… so he worked his magic and helped me.. a lot.

We’ve also got a lot of the big planning stuff out of the way for our wedding.

This week I’ll be working on making some Save-The-Date cards for the guests that will need to make major travel arrangements to attend our wedding.

Most people give Save-the-Date cards to all their potential guests, but our tight budget is only allowing us to make enough to cover the people that will be most likely making flight arrangements for our wedding.  That was the condition that the guest needed in order to get a Save-the Date.

That way, we only needed about twenty cards.

I’m going to be working on them with one of my best friends.  I’ll try to post pictures of the finished product as soon as they are ready…

According to my bestie, who purchased all the paper for me today.. should I not use a specific type of paper I asked for.. the entire costs of the Save-the-Dates would be about $20.. so.. about a dollar each.  I guess that’s a good price.. I mean.. there will be no shipping and handling costs from getting them printed from some online place.. and the price isn’t hiked up due to being charged for the labor of the workers doing them.. so I guess I’m getting a good deal making them with my friend.

And.. it’s FUN!!

I hope to get these out before the end of the month..


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