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The proposal..

Posted on: January 5, 2010

So.. over the new year.. my boyfriend proposed.

Yes.. we are getting married.. he’s my “fiance” now.. and it’s weird calling him that.. but cute!

Anyway.. this is my proposal story.. it’s pasted from an email I sent to my close friends and family.. it may not make perfect sense.. and may seem a little scattered.. but readers of this blog already know how scattered my mind already is..

So.. without further adieu.. the details of our proposal..

We went to Disneyland that day.  He had been bugging to go since last year.  He also wanted to go out and get all dressed up for dinner, but that’s not out of the ordinary.  He likes doing stuff like that so I didn’t think anything of it.  So we get to Dland, hang out for awhile, then saw Avatar, then got ready for dinner.  He had reservations at the Jazz Kitchen, so we dressed up and went to the restaurant.

We were holding hands and I was wondering why his hands were so cold.  I’m usually the first one to freeze and I wasn’t cold at all, but I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want to expect anything or end up disappointed if he was just really cold.. haha!

We got seated and he asked me if I wanted to go the restroom.  I didn’t.  So.. that was that.  More on that later.

We go back to the park.. ALL DRESSED UP!  I felt like those Japanese tourist that walk around Dland in heels and stuff.  Those weird looks that I usually give those tourists were actually being given to me!  Eek!  Talk about “payback!”  Let’s say I have a deep respect for their ability to wear heels all day at an amusement park.

Ok.. back to my story..

So we go back to the park and he’s asking me where I usually went to spend a little quiet rest time.. BUT.. it was almost time for fireworks so we all know that the people traffic was CRAZY.. and that there was no quiet area around the castle.. so we some how found ourselves around New Orleans Square but again.. got caught in the Fantasmic crowd.

We walked around some more and noticed the wait for Pirates was 5minutes.  We got in line and got right on.

Lucky for us we were in a boat where the first two rows were occupied.. then there was an empty row in front and an empty row behind us.

So.. we were cuddling and he was telling me that he loved me.. and joking around with me like always.. then after those drops in the ride.. and its all kinda calm.. he turns to me and says.. “ok..”

I think he started on the part of the ride when they are shooting cannons in the water right before you get into the city part..

He tells me something to the extent of how he’s lucky to have someone like me.. and how much he loves me.. you know.. the romantic stuff..

Then he reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a kiddie cinderella slipper.. you know.. the kind that are sold for kids to wear..

And he asks me if I would be the Cinderella to his Prince..

I’m in TEARS by then and didn’t really say yes.. but more like “is this it?   is this your proposal?”

And he was all “yes..”

So I hug him and he’s all “did you say yes?” and so I said “yes”

So.. I’m thinking that he probably didn’t have the ring yet.. because I had been bugging him about just asking before the ring so that we could start officially planning..

But then he’s asked me again “You said yes, right” and I said “yes”

And so he goes.. “ok hold on..”

And he’s so cute.. he pulls out this little sandwich baggy outta his coat pocket and kept saying “don’t lose it.. don’t lose it..”  I don’t know if he was talking to me or himself… cuz we were in a boat.. and you could only imagine what would happen if he were to lose the ring!

He takes the ring out of the baggie and slips it on my finger.. by then I’m bawling.. and we hug.. and I have NO IDEA what happened on the Pirates ride.. all I know is that we came off the ride.. and I was just all smiles..

We called my mom.. and then I posted on FB..

We ended up on Main Street and we went into City Hall and got “Just Engaged” buttons.. but by then it was like 11:something.. but it didn’t matter.. the people at City Hall were so happy for us.. hee hee..

I plan on documenting our wedding planning journey on my blog as well as I can.. I’m actually a little behind on some of the things I’ve been wanting to blog about.. but I am going to try my best to catch up and keep this updated..

I’m introducing a new category to my blog.. Here comes the bride.. where all the wedding blog entries will be under..

Hope you enjoy.. it’s gonna be an interesting journey!


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