Living life in the carpool lane..

It’s going to be one of those days..

Posted on: October 22, 2009

I forgot my phone at home today.

The thing I’m worried about the most is that Murphy’s Law is going to kick in and I’m going to be in a situation where having my phone would benefit me.

I’m praying hard that isn’t going to happen.

Because of my phone-less self.. I feel like I am not whole.  I still can’t believe how attached I am to my Blackberry.  It’s like a lifeline to me.

When did we become so attached to our cell phones?

Generations before us survived without a form of constant contact to the world.  Growing up, we didn’t have cell phones.  We still survived.. we still got around.. and we still did things.

Now.. I can’t imagine my life without a cell..

I can’t imagine getting anything done, or having any outing with out a cell phone.  It’s INSANE how ingrained a cell phone is into our lives..

It’s just going to be one of those days.. and I still hope it speeds on by.. but I’m still going crazy..

At least I have cookies.. and Google-chat.. oh technology.. how you have a hold on me..


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