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Today is the last day of working at the animal health and food safetly lab.. after three years of being there..

I thought it was going to be easy to just leave.. but I was wrong..

I got so teary-eyed.. and I was actually hesitant to leave the building because I know that the next time I’ll be there.. I won’t be an employee.. I’ll just be a visitor.. and that was a weird feeling..

It even feels weird now.. knowing that I don’t work there.. knowing that on Monday.. I’ll be working in Orange County.. it’s just a weird feeling..

I’m ready for what the future holds.. it’s just a little sad to see the end of an era..


So I’m back from a nice trip to the Bay Area with my boyfriend.  We spent Labor Day weekend up there because we had two weddings to go to on Saturday.

Honestly.. I am all “wedding’d out!”

Two weddings.. they were both very nice.. but I ended the day extremely exhausted.. I’m getting to old for that kinda busy stuff.. haha..

The boyfriend lived up there for several years… and he took a little trip down memory lane on Sunday… we drove to all the places he used to live and to the place he used to work at… it was nice getting to know about him a little bit more… we’ve been together for almost a year and half… it’s the thing to do…

It was nice to know a little bit of his past… and I hope we can continue working on our future…

I’ve got pictures… so when I figure out how to post them without them being ginormous… I’ll put them on some blog entries..

Continuing with yesterday’s post.. today is the list of the things I won’t miss working here..

  • Incubated stinky stuff
  • The smell of “colon” permeating through the hallway
  • High and dusty winds
  • Being in San Bernardino
  • Fighting for the shady parking
  • Seemingly endless poop samples
  • Sharing a work computer
  • People not following the designated colored-pen of the day
  • Monthly internal audits
  • Annual internal audits
  • Controlled documents
  • Weekend duties
  • Venturing into the Necropsy room alone on  a Saturday

Those are my lists.. now I’m ready for the next step..

Oh.. ya.. and I owe you a copy of my Ultreya Witness Talk.. perhaps tomorrow..

As I come close to closing another chapter in my career life.. I have compiled lists of the things I will miss the most working here.. as a Staff Research Associate in the Bacteriology department of a veterinary diagnostics laboratory..

Today arethe things I miss.. tomorrow are the things I won’t miss..

  • The interesting cases that come in
  • Feeling “in the know..”
  • Traveling to branch labs.. or for seminars and training courses
  • Cool biochemical reactions that result in cool color changes
  • The short 20-30min commute
  • QC organisms
  • The endless supply of post-its of all sizes and colors
  • Extra-small gloves
  • Students doing the lab coat laundry
  • Shady parking spots
  • Being in charge of projects
  • Colored tape
  • Free lunch with parents

September?  Seriously?!

What happened to August?  What did I do in August?  Why does August seem like just a blip in time?!

I plan to make the most of September, thre’s a lot going on..

For starters, I change jobs.  I finish at my current job on September 9th, I begin the new job on September 14th.  From a close-to-home job, to a 1 1/2-2 hr commute.. It’s a step-up, but the commute is what I dread the most.  But, as always, God will provide, so I’m not gonna worry.

Joe and I will also be taking our first “airplane trip” weekend.  We’re going to two weddings on the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend in San Francisco.  We aren’t flying in together, blame that on the “long-distance relationship.”

Lastly, September has always had a special place in my heart.  Someitmes it’s in a good place, other times its in a bad place.  This year, I’m not quite sure what place it is in.  September is my birthday month and this year I’ll be turing “the big 2-9.”  Yes.. twenty-nine.  The last year of my 20s and I don’t quite know how to handle it.  Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll be keeping you posted.  Luckily for me, my birthday falls towards the end of the month so I’ve got most of September to mentally prepare myself.

That’s pretty much how my September is going to go.  Through all the festivities I’ll have to juggle school and time for my wonderful “long-distance” boyfriend..

It all seems overwhelming.. but I just gotta take it one day at a time..

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