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This wordpress dashboard is quite nifty.. It shows me what people have been searching and how they came to find my little piece of the Internet here on Living life in the carpool lane..

For all you lovely readers out there.. and I do get a few.. maybe one or two a day.. thanks for stopping by.. and I hope you’re enjoying what you read..

Anyway.. I noticed that there was a search for “ultreya witness talk..”

And I know that I have promised to post mine up and I have been a total flake and haven’t yet..

I promise soon.. maybe someone should remind me.. leave me a comment.. and I’ll post it..

Honestly, I don’t know why I haven’t posted it yet.. it’s on a Word document in my personal laptop.. all I got to do is “copy and paste” it onto here.. read it over.. edit it a little.. and POOF..

I’ve been lazy, I guess..

I could have posted it today.. but silly me forgot my personal laptop at home.. so I’m without that file while I’m here at work..

People have said that it was a good talk.. maybe it’s because they found out something about me that they didn’t know previously.. those that have known me for the past three-five years would know what it was about.. but those that have just met me.. or have just re-acquainted themselves with me.. will find this is something new..

Overall.. the talk was about my journey of knowing how to “let go.. and let God.”  It was my journey about learning to pray.. learning to trust.. and learning to love the life I have.. because no matter what obstacles had come my way.. my life was a gift from God.. how could I hate something so beautiful as LIFE…

The talk wasn’t over-dramatic.. putting my life in perspective of others.. it’s been fairly easy.. but we all have our personal struggles and our personal crosses.. and the talk was about mine.. how I got through it.. and how the Cursillo helped me gain that strength..

Now a favor to my lovely and loyal readers that are waiting for this talk to blossom on the pages of my humble blog.. if I don’t post the talk by the end of the month.. please give me a lovely comment reminding me to do so..

Any other comments are welcome.. any questions.. suggestions.. compliments.. and complaints.. I’d love to hear from anyone and everyone..

Just make sure you go to to leave them.. thanks!

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