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I’m right smack in the middle of WEEK 2 of my “Couch to 5K” marathon training.

This weeks run schedule consists of a 5min brisk warm-up walk, followed by alternating 90sec of jogging with 2mins of walking to total 20 minutes.

Monday went ok.  I wore braces on both my knees, but I don’t think I wore them in the correct position because they started to tighten up anyway.  I iced the after like I always do, but the back of my left knee started to tighten a lot, making it a little harder to straighten as the rest of the night progressed.  I decided to put a warm compress underneath my knee for a while before I went to bed.

I woke up the next day and my knees were perfectly fine again.

I missed yesterday’s run because I was out of town for the day and got home really late.  I am going to do the second run of the week today and the third run on Saturday.

So far.. so good..

I’m exhausted at the end.. but it’s working out so far.. I’ll keep you posted!

So.. we’ve all be en working here for sometime together.  I’ve been here for three years.. and you have been here longer..

But.. haven’t you noticed that within the three years I have been working here that I have sort of taken a parking spot here and made it my own.. it’s a perfect spot.. shady.. and just wonderful!

Suddenly.. you find the need to take it from me.. why?

Why do you need that spot when you know I have been parking there for the past three years?!  Seriously!

Just wait until I leave the job.. I only have a month left.. you can wait.. so just humor me and give me my spot back!

I am fully aware that your show came back on the air this past Monday, August 3rd.  However, I did not watch it, nor do I plan on watching any new episodes ever again.

What you are doing is unhealthy and is exploiting your kids, your family, your divorce.. it’s sick.

Jon, I used to be on yourside.  I was “Team Jon” all the way.  I thought Kate was a controlling, condescending individual and I pitied you on many occasions.  I was glad when you had the guts to stand up to her and just call it quits.  But now.. I think just like everyone else.. I think you’re a douche.   How many times have you seen your kids since the split.. you’ve been jetsetting around the world with your new girlfriends.. yes.. girlfriendSSSS.. it just isn’t right.

Be a man, Jon Gosselin.  You’ve got EIGHT kids.  Take responsibility.  Don’t leave it all to Kate.

It’s not that I think Kate is the better parent.  They both have major flaws.. but they need to work together for the sake of those kids.

It’s the kids I worry about..

So.. I’m not going to watch your show anymore.. sorry.  I used to love it.  I think your children are adorable and smart and entertaining, but I will not support something that could eventually lead to years and years and years of therapy.

Be parents.. take charge and do what is best for them..

Seriously?  Seriously?!

Yesterday, you’re “big thing” was that you had “secret Michael Jackson home movies..” and were showing “preview” clips of him doing the Thriller dance with Webster.. showing off a llama.. and hanging out with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs..

Then.. you go to your “feature story” and you didn’t show us anything we hadn’t seen through out those preview clips that you were showing throughout the entire show..

Why do you tease like that? 

That’s not cool at all..

And then you start teasing us about tomorrow’s episode about Michael’s appearance with the Reagans during the “drug-free” campaign that President Reagan was so adamant about.. and all these wild, outrageous stories about Joe Jackson’s love child, and Michael’s gay past.. yadda yadda..


He’s DEAD!!

What does it matter anymore?  Really?  Are all these stories going to just make him so mad that he has to come back to life to defend himself?!

What are you trying to achieve by featuring all these stories about a dead guy?

Have you no respect for dead people? 

Seriously.. leave him alone already.. there are many people still mourning the loss.. and you still inundate us with all these outrageous stories.. think of the family.. think of the children involved..

Think.. just think!

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