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Crash-course parenting..

Posted on: August 30, 2009

This weekend was certainly an interesting one..

My cousin and his wife when on a wedding anniversary and they left their three wonderful kids (8yo, 5yo, 3yo) with us for the weekend..

My boyfriend and I had a sudden crash-course in parenting.. wonderful..

We were daring enough to take the three kids, by ourselves, to a trip to “kid-central..” or Chuck E. Cheese’s..

It was a learning experience for the both of us.. we handled the tag-team method well.. Joe had the two boys.. I had the girl.. and we’d switch off accordingly..

Joe was EXTREMELY helpful and was great with the kiddies.. I was sooo relieved to see how well he handled the kids.. it makes me feel pretty confident about what would happen should we ever get to that “family” point in our relationship..

Having the kids was tiring… but very rewarding..

However.. I now know why God blesses us with children as babies and allows them to grow up.. rather than just giving us children as older kids..

Babies give us the opportunity to build the stamina to handle the tiring hours it takes to keep up with energetic youngsters that don’t nap so much anymore.. haha..

It’s crash-course parenting at its’ finest.. at least when it’s your own.. you have the nine months of pregnancy to get yourself mentally prepared for all that is going to change your life..

I think we passed.. I mean.. we’re both still sane.. and we’re both still discussing a future with children in it.. I think we did good!

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