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He ruined me!

Posted on: August 28, 2009

So, I was at the Macy’s yesterday.. killing time between having dinner and going to the Cursillo Ultreya.

My mom and I were looking at the cutest dresses and tops.. and being that it was Macy’s.. there were several name brand selections to choose from.. and they were soooo cute!

Now normally.. if I wanted something.. I’d just go ahead and by it.. name brands.. and prices didn’t affect me..

If I wanted it.. I got it.. no questions asked.. I mean.. I could afford it.. I still can.. so.. price never affected me.

But now.. oh.. now..

Now.. I look at price tags.. now things seem “too expensive..”

And you know who’s fault that is?!

My boyfriend’s.. yes.. my boyfriend.

You can say he’s “el cheapo..” or you can say he just knows how to manage money..

But I’m going to call it “el cheapo..”

Now he’s got me thinking about the money I spend.. now he’s got me thinking about the prices of certain items.. and comparing to other items..

My carefree shopping days are over.. send me to the clearance rack!


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