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Losing brain cells..

Posted on: April 30, 2009

I’m a scientist.  I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology, with emphasis on Pathology and Microbiology.. and a minor in Chemistry.

I’m a scientist working on her Masters in Business Administration.

What am I doing getting a business degree?

Honestly.. sometimes I really don’t know.

I was fine and content with my science career.. and my science geek lifestyle.

I guess that was it.. I was content.

I needed change.. and I needed to stretch my brain into learning new concepts and learning how to think about things at a different angle.

Sometimes its working.. sometimes.. like now.. I feel like I’m killing my brain cells.. this class makes me feel so out of my element that I am killing my brain cells trying to absorb it all.

Someone remind me how great it will be once I get my MBA..


3 Responses to "Losing brain cells.."

But why learn business when there are so many things you can pursue scientifically? It may not be a money maker, but science is a noble pursuit. Any sleazeball can do business. Good luck, though! Broadening your horizons is noble too.

I totally admire you for taking yourself out of your comfort zone and pursuing something different. It may seem like the struggle is eating up your brain cells … but in reality … it’s just the pain of expansion.

Don’t give up … you’re doing great!

Nothing kills brain cells faster than an accounting class. I’d much rather do calculus.

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