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Yes.. I did..

Posted on: April 20, 2009

So.. I saw the Hannah Montana movie this weekend.. yes.. guilty!!

I had an excuse!  I took my cousin’s eight year old daughter with me because her older sister’s didn’t want to see it!!!  I had a valid excuse!

Who am I kidding?  I wasn’t intending on taking her in the first place.. she just happened to find out.. so I invited her along.. I was totally going to go see that movie no matter what this weekend..

I liked it.. I thought it was a very cute movie with a very cute story.. I even cried.. but then again.. I cry at every movie.. seriously.. I do.. it’s actually one of the random factoids that will be coming up on future blog entries.. I am a big cry baby!

So.. I have nothing to be ashamed about.. there were people there that didn’t bring kids with them.. and saw the movie.. that’s how it was when I went to go see the 3D concert.. so.. ya.. there are many people out there like me!

I watched the Hannah Montana movie.. and liked it.. so.. there!


1 Response to "Yes.. I did.."

Hey , I watched it also last night. Took my daughter, it was a good movie. Was the only dad in the theater but it was good.

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