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I did background work for the television show, Boston Public. I had recorded every episode I appeared it, then my dad taped them over with whatever show he wanted to record.

One year.. towards the end of summer.. when all the TV shows started taping before the season actually started.. I did background work for the old show, Boston Public.  It was about teachers at this school.. in Boston.. Chi McBride starred.. Jeri Ryan was in it.. Joey McIntyre was in it.. (the season AFTER I worked on it.. boo!)

It was an interesting experience.. It filmed in Manhattan Beach.. so I’d drive out there sooo early because we had an early call time.. and then I’d leave late.. it was a lot of sitting around and doing nothing.. then working for about half an hour.. sitting around waiting again.. and working some more..

I did some “on-scene” auditorium scenes at a high school in Pasadena..

I made some friends.. and it was a good way to make some money.

I taped every episode I was featured in.. and there were several from the begining of that particular season.. I’m not sure which season it was.. but I’d love to look through the DVD’s they have of the show now.. and look for them.. I’m probably in the first four or five episodes of whatever season..

Daddy taped over them.. boo Daddy.  LOL.. So now I have no proof..

I think I should Netflix those DVDS.. at least the first DVD of each season set.. who knows.. I might find myself..

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