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I didn’t sing for many, many years because I was always very self-conscious about my singing voice. I still cringe at the thought of hearing myself sing, and I always look for approval. I am terrified of being off-key.

Everyone knows I love to sing.  I’ve always loved to sing.. but growing up.. I NEVER sang in public.  I envy the little girls that love to sing in public.. I wish I was that brave.

I went through a period of my life when I was sooo conscious of the way I sounded.  I was absolutely terrified of being called out as out of tune.. or off-key..

My mother finally convinced me to take singing lessons at about 18 years old.. and even then.. my first singing recital.. I was absolutely terrified..

Now.. I love to sing.. with the choir.. as a soloist.. just as long as I am singing.. I am in my element.. but I will always be super conscious of my tone.. and you will never hear me brag about my singing ability..

Just because I love to sing doesn’t mean I’m really good at it.. I’m not the greatest singer.. and I will never claim to be..

I do believe that music is a part of me.. and singing will always be there..

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