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It’s a Saturday and I’m at home.  I’m working on a paper for school and I’m just at home.

Sadly, it’s not a boyfriend weekend and it hasn’t been a boyfriend weekend for awhile now.  That sucks.

Tomorrow is our one year anniversary of the first time we met.  I can’t believe that a year has flown by so fast.. it was like it only happened yesterday.

My friends and I had gone to San Diego to have our little annual get-together.  The years prior to that we were at Disneyalnd so we thought we’d switch it up and go to Sea World.  We spent the whole day there watching shows, and just having a good time.

When it came to dinner, we decided to go to a Korean BBQ place.  Little did I know.. one of my besties was text messaging OT where we were going to be.

When I found out that this guy was going to be there.. I was a tad nervous.. I didn’t know what to expect.. but I definitely wasn’t expecting anyone that I would end up dating..

I remember not wanting him to sit next to me.. and I do remember constantly looking at the door.. I also remember that the minute I stopped looking at the door.. he actually ended up at the table..


We can tell people we’ve known each other for a year now.. why this is a big deal to me.. I have not a clue.. hahahaha!

Our actual anniversary doesn’t come until May.. and that’s a whole other story for a whole other day..


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