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Random factoid.. #7..

Posted on: March 30, 2009

My current boyfriend is my first Filipino boyfriend. I had attempted to date another Filipino in college but that was just a very wierd situation.

In the past, my boyfriends and the objects of various crushes and infatuatins have not been Filipino.  I live in an area where, growing up, there weren’t many Filipinos to begin with.  It’s only in the past ten years or so that the Filipino population has grown here considerably.

Also, I’m considered “tall” for a Filipino woman.  I’m about 5’6 1/2″ to about 5’7″.  For a Filipina.. that is tall.. so it’s always been difficult to find a Filipino boy that is taller than me..

Opportunities to get to know some Filipino boys were few and far between.. in fact.. my Filipino boyfriend doesn’t even live near me!  I had to find one that lives an hour and a half away from me!

It’s not that I have NEVER been attracted to Filipino boys.. it’s just that I guess I didn’t know enough growing up to build a collection “filipino boys I’ve had a crush on.. or dated.. ”


On a cute sidenote:
This Sunday will mark the the one year anniversary of the day that OT and I officially met.. can I get an “awwwwww…”

3 Responses to "Random factoid.. #7.."

OT… hahhhaa… ill never forget that one…

Why does it matter if he is taller than you or not?

I know it shouldn’t matter.. but it’s just a personal preference. I like my guys taller than me.

However, I did date a guy that was my height.. and I’d be taller than him if I wore heels.

I don’t have a big problem with it if the guy is nice enough..

Sorry.. it’s shallow.. I know..

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