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It was more like a weekend to forget..

Today is the boyfriend’s birthday.  The plan was to be down there this weekend to celebrate.  But we all know I got sick.. and I was stuck in bed all week.. and by default.. I was stuck in bed all weekend.

I missed my boyfriend’s birthday weekend.

Good part was I got to  miss three days of work.. plus the weekend.  It was like a mini-vacation.

Bad part is coming back makes me feel all out of sorts as I’m trying to catch up and make sense of all the things that have happened while I was sick.  I hate missing so much work because I always feel lost when I get back.

I feel really bad for missing out on his birthday and not being able to spend his birthday with him.  It’s my thing about “firsts..”

It is his first birthday with us as a couple.. and we celebrated mine together.. I really wanted to be there to celebrate his.. sigh.

There’s always next year.. and if God allows.. many  years to come..

But lets not get ahead of ourselves.. let’s just take this.. one year at a time..

Sad thing is.. I still feel a little down.. as in.. sick.. as in.. blah!

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