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Trying to keep my mind off my upcoming flight to Phoenix (flying scares me.. but I like doing it.. so it’s just a whirlwind of emotion..), I’ve decided to make a list of the things I’ve never done.. and would probably do.. or probably never do..

Aside from those $15 cruises along the Long Beach Harbor.. I’ve never been on a cruise.. you know.. those ones that last for days.. and take you some where fun.. nope.. never done it.. but I will.. one day..

Paid actress
I’ve done a lot of theater in my day.. but it was always community theater.. and the non-paying kind.. it would have been nice to get some money for all the hard work I had done..

Professional family portraits
The fam was never into getting all dressed up and sitting in a studio to get some pictures taken.. the only family pictures we have are when we get dressed up for some party and have some random background.. once.. I was a little tipsy when we took the fam pic.. and it totally shows!

As big of a Disney fan as I am..  I have never been here.. but one of these years.. oh yes.. I will..

I have yet to go to New York.. I would watch as many shows as I can!

I was never in any organized sports league.. never did any of that.. I was.. and am… a complete girly girl that danced.. sports were icky..

Detention or suspension
I was such a good girl in elementary, middle and high school.. that I was never suspended or never had detention.. except I was sent to the principal’s office in kindergarten.. cuz I talked back to my teacher..

Fast food
I have never worked at a fast food place.. nor have I worked at a coffee shop.. but I really wouldn’t have minded the coffee shop..

That’s pretty much all I can think of for now.. I’m sure that when I finish this a whole bunch of things will flood my mind.. but I’m sticking to this list for now.. who knows.. they may be a part two in the future..

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