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This weekend came and went a little too fast for my comfort. 

Didn’t it JUST start?

I’m at work again?  Ugh!

I had fun this weekend. 

It started off with an early day of work.. but the best part was that I had that guy I like to call my boyfriend with me.

Yes.. it was boyfriend weekend this weekend and we had fun.. as usual. 

We went to Melting Pot.. a yummy fondue place and had some awesome chocolate fondue.  It had dark chocolate, marshmallow creme, and oreo cookies.  It was perfection on the end of a stick! 

Heaven in my mouth!

Soooo good.. I’d love to go again!

It’s always fun having a boyfriend weekend.  I mean, we talk ALL the time.. but it’s just different to be able to have him around in person.. to be able to look into his eyes.. to be able to physically see him.. and have him wrap his arms around me.. or just to simply have him in the same room!

That’s always fun.  It’d be nice to have him around more than just “boyfriend weekends,” but for now, this is our life.  This is how we have to deal.

It’s just that these weekends fly by so fast… before I know it.. he’s gotta drive back home and the cycle begins again..

I guess that’s life!


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