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I like my freebies.  I’m not “el cheapo” like some people I know.. but the freebies are always fun.

There are certain online websites that I participate in that allow me to accumulate points.  From those points, I can redeem them for gift cards for places that I frequent.
They send you emails with various offers.  These offers can have a various range of points.  I don’t take the offers but I read the emails.  Each email is 5 points.  I read A LOT of emails just to get enough points to get a gift card to the Starbucks.  My next goal is to get a gift card to Panera Bread.  Mmm.. Panera Bread.
You can write articles, post videos, or post pictures.  Everyone then comments and rates what you post and you do the same in return.  The more active you are the more points you accumulate.  They used to have a cash option, but now it’s money given through a PayPal account, or gift cards.  I have yet to redeem some of those points, but I have enough and should be doing so soon.

They are good sites, legit.  I have gotten some gift cards from Mypoints.  It may take awhile to accumulate enough points, but it seems worth it to be able to get some freebies.  I may be wasting my time on these sites but hey.. the freebies make it somewhat exciting.

Do you know of any other online earning sites that are well worth joining???

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