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It’s Super Bowl Sunday.

Pittsburgh vs Arizona.

Steelers vs Cardinals.

I’m not sure which one I’m rooting for.  I don’t even follow football.

This is what I did this year.  I asked OT what team he was going for, and I decided to go for the opposite team.

He’s rooting for Arizona.  The underdogs.

That leaves me to root for Pittsburgh.  Go Steelers!

I still don’t understand all the rules and terms and everything that goes with football.  I just watch the team I’m rooting for, and make sure they get to the end that they are supposed to end at.  Then I make sure they score more points than the opposing team.

Football.  Simplified.

I was in Color Guard in high school.  That meant that we had to go to all the Varsity home games because we had to do the half-time show and sit in the stands and do our little dancy thing as the band would play in the stands.

I never understood the game, and I never even watched it while I was sitting there.  I was always talking to my other girlfriends, or flirting with whatever guy, or hanging out with my boyfriend.

That was how I enjoyed my football game nites.

Maybe one day I’ll learn the ins and outs of the game.  My eight year old nephew has been trying to teach me football for awhile now.  Maybe I’ll freak out my boyfriend and show him all the stuff I know one of these days..

That’d make me sooo cool!


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