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dsc00978 “Reunited and it feels so good… ”

OT and I were in Anaheim, CA on Saturday.  We spent the day here as a little day out since this was the first time we had seen each other since he left for his Asia trip last year.

After three weeks over seas, and one week at home.. it was nice to finally see him.

And according to the date, this picture was taken on our eighth month anniversary.

I’m not really one that makes a huge deal about month-iversaries, but it’s nice to make a little note of the months that go by as we are being together.  We look quite different than we did on our first date. For starters, we are way more comfortable with each other, but that definitely comes with time.

Eight months did fly by pretty quickly.  I wouldn’t change it for the world.

dsc00096Our first date.. we were obviously skinnier back then.  Younger, too.  Our first date was at Disneyland.  It was a good place to go.  I recommend it for a first date.  We had talked for about three weeks before we actually went  on our first date, so it was pretty comfortable spending the whole day with him at an amusement park.

I wish I fit in those pants.  They are size 2’s!

He’s not a big “disneyland” type person, but he is willing to go because he knows I like it.

My.. how time flies.. only a matter of months until we hit the big “one year..”

Let’s pray for many months and years to come..



Yesterday.. (click here).. I complained.. and complained.. and complained..

Today.. it’s time to do something about it.. I have to.. I can’t spend the rest of my life complaining about what could be done.. and just not do it.. right?

Well.. ok.. here we go..

I’m going to start taking more control of my life.. start making myself accountable for things that I have been too lazy to do.. I’ll put myself on a cleaning schedule..

So far.. I designated Wednesdays as my laundry days.. and possibly Mondays or Thursdays to be my room cleaning days.. I refuse to fall behind on that.. and  I have to be mature enough to take care of it.. no matter how tired I get..

I’m not a kid anymore..  No one is going to do it for me.. (unless I pay them.. hahaha!)

Now that I zero’d out my credit cards.. I will make sure to keep them under control.. and try to limit my monthly card spending to $250-300 a month..

I’ve got student loans coming up next year.. I want to be financially prepared for all of that..

I started last year with the same outlook.. overhauling my life.. trying to be more responsible and more mature.. but for some reason my laziness got the best of me..

I really have to stop letting that happen..

I’m going to take it one week at a time.. and I know there are weeks where I will not live up to the expectations I put myself in.. but that can’t mean I give up.. I have to pick myself up where I left off and keep at it..

I think I can do it.. I hope I can..

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