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I love musicals.. movies.. theater shows.. musicals are fun.  Life would be so much easier if we were albe to just break out into a song and dance at any random moment..

That would be marvelous..

Let me give you a random list of some of the musical shows that I absolutely adore.. in no random order.. they are just the ones that popped into my head at the time I was writing this..

It’s playing right now on the ABC Family Channel.. so it’s obviously the first one on the list.  I fell in love with this movie the first time I saw it.  It’s always fun trying to analyze what that poor guy was doing with all the girls at the end of Summer Nights.  Really.  Watch it.. when they pan out while all the girls are at the bench doing their musical thing.. you see this random guy sitting on another table.. never fails to make me laugh..

The Sound Of Music
I started watching this show when I was six years old.  It came on TV one night.  It was an instant hit to me and my aunt had given me the movie because I loved it so much.  I watched that movie everyday for an entire summer growing up.  I knew EVERY… SINGLE.. WORD.. said in that movie.  Even what it is on, I can recite the words along with all the characters.  Julie Andrews was the reason I wanted to sing.  This movie started it all for me.

The Last Five Years
This is a show written by Jason Robert Brown.  It’s one of the best music written for a show in my opinion.  The lyrics are so powerful and heart wrenching.. It is a show with only two people cast.  One man.  One woman.  It’s the story of how they met and how their relationship fell apart.  What makes it unique is that the man plays the story moving forward.. from their meeting to their break up.  The woman plays the story backwards.. from their breakup to when they met.  I saw this show once and I was crying the whole time.. the music just hit me in ways that were so real to me.

Tick, tick… BOOM!
This show was written by Jonathan Larsen.  You would know him from writing the show RENT.  This show was written before Rent.  I’ve never seen the show but I am in love with the songs.  They are catchy and smart.  If you ever have the chance to listen to it.. you really should.

Spring Awakening
Joe took me to see this show when the national tour started their run in San Diego.  Before seeing it, I was already in love with the soundtrack.  Seeing the show sealed the deal and has made it one of my top 10 shows.  The songs are beautiful and send a message that anyone of any age can identify with.  I would love to sing one of the songs someday.  Maybe in a Broadway review sometime.

Well.. that’s it for now.  I have to get back to my homework.  This concludes procrastination in it’s finest form.


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