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Oh, the places I will go..

Posted on: January 7, 2009

It’s January, and it’s time for to set some goals for the year.  Ok, maybe these are goals in the traditional sense.  It’s more like a list of places I want to go to this year.  This will be fun, so that I can look at this again at January 2010 and see if I did go to these places.

Who knows.. maybe I can drag OT to these things.. it could be fun..

Las Vegas
I want to go here more than once this year.  I’m going in a week and a half.. so I’m halfway there!

I have a Premium Annual Pass, which means I have no blackout dates and can go anytime I want.. lets shoot for at least FIVE times this year..

I’ve never been, so I’d like to go.  I heard there was golf around there, so I could possibly entice OT into going with me..

I am not a comic book fan, but I am a huge LOST fan, and there are usually panels from the LOST writers.  I’d love to see one. .. and it’s in the area that OT lives in.. that’s always a good reason to go down to see him..

Some sort of cruise
I’ve never been on a cruise.. 2009 seems like a good year to start..

Out of state
Well.. Vegas does count.. but I usually see more California license plates so I hardly see that as “out of state..”

Well.. that’s all I can really think of right now.  Ok.. so I set the goals a little low.. and easy to attain.. it makes me feel somewhat accomplished once I do those things. 

It’s also a hard year for me to go crazy on the traveling plans.  Maybe next year, when I’m done with my MBA..

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