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So.. I guess it’s time that I told everyone a little bit about myself.  I’m assuming I have readers and I’m assuming people are slightly interested in what I am about.

The blog stats say that people come upon this blog.. and I’m holding on to the thought that people actually stay and read stuff.  Who knows.. it could happen..

I’m a girl in her late 20s.  Actually it’s more like “dwindling 20s.”  I turn 29 this year.. later this year.. so.. I don’t have much of my 20s left..  I’m not bitter.. I used to be.. but I’m learning to embrace it.. with age comes wisdom.. and maturity and acceptance of things you can’t change or control.

I’m Catholic.  I go to Mass every Sunday.  I sing in the choir, and I cantor the Masses at times.  When I’m not in the choir, I can be found as the Lector, and rare times, I am an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist.  I used to teach Catechism, but I went back to school to get my Masters Degree in Business Administration.  So, I’m taking some time off from teaching.  I’d like to go back to teaching the kids one year.  I miss it.

I’m a scientist.  I currently work in a bacteriology lab for a veterinary diagnostics lab.  I love what I do but am planning on moving on eventually.  I plan on making use of my MBA somehow.. but staying in the science field.   I’m open to anything. 

I guess.. that’s me in a nutshell.. the basics.

Maybe next time I’ll go over a little more about my personality and what I get into and such. 

Stick around.. you may learn something!


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